21 Real Career Alternatives for Writers

Are you stuck somewhere in your quest to write the greatest novel of all time?

Do you feel the space around you is getting smaller and smaller, and you are having difficulty breathing? Are you starting to doubt your ability as a writer? Is your self-confidence so low that everyone you know is stepping on it? Or do you think the world is ready to devour and crush you?

Do you need a “change of scenery” to recharge and be inspired to write again? Or do you want to earn money to pay your ever-present bills while you wait for your novel to get published?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you are on the right path. Read on as we explore 22 obvious to not-so-obvious, alphabetically arranged career alternatives for writers.

1. Advertising Copywriter

This is for you if you can entice and convince people to buy a certain product with just a few words. Your words will be printed in magazines or newspapers. Or your words could be used in a television advertisement.

2. Assessment Item Developer

Do you still remember the standardized tests you once took while in school? Testing services are looking for individuals who are subject matter experts in a particular area. Testing services will pay for experts to create questions that will be used to assess students’ competencies.

3. Blogging

While blogging is not the “in” thing today, it is not dead. Yes, it is oversaturated now, making the chances of earning money lower. But the good news is that blog writers can write for third parties. You can write a commissioned blog post for a laundry or skin-care product, an advertising company, a new singer, etc. The list can go on.

4. Columnist

Release your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Be a columnist for a magazine or a newspaper. Find a genre that you are completely passionate about and write about it. Make it engaging to attract more readers and eventually build loyal followers.

5. Communications Coordinator/Content Strategist

To be a communications coordinator and/or content strategist in a marketing team, you must have excellent writing and communication skills. It is a plus if you have experience with search engine optimization (SEO).

You will be in charge of maintaining a product’s online channel, engaging customers’ attention, creating events, writing the event’s invitation, and monitoring the channel’s web traffic.

6. Composition Instructor

Whether in face-to-face classes or online classes, part of almost every college curriculum is a basic writing course. And you can do that! You will become a teacher who teaches students how to write effectively.

7. Editor/Book Editor/Copy

You will become the final set of eyes to read and evaluate a book, a paper, and/or an article before it gets published. You will have the final say on how and what the finished product will feel like. You will proofread. You will fact-check. You have the power to make or break a writer.

8. English Tutor

Non-native English speakers hire English tutors to help them learn. For international students who are about to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, A part of the exam will ask them to write about a specific topic. The exam outcome will determine if they can work or study in the country they are applying to. You can help them hone their writing skills.

9. Film Critic: Imagine

Imagine being one of the first few people to watch a movie before it gets released to the public. On top of that, you were paid to watch that movie. In exchange, you will be asked to criticize the film afterward. You will need to entice potential viewers to watch the movie using your words.

10. Grant Researcher

Nonprofit organizations hire writers to help them create well-researched articles backed by statistics to attract donors. The paper must be able to convince donors to part with their hard-earned money.

11. Greeting Card Writer

Yes, you can be the writer behind those greeting cards that will either make the reader laugh or cry. And yes, you will be paid nicely.

12. Ghostwriter

The controversial job If you are okay with not taking credit for what you have written, then this is for you. Whether the piece you have written goes viral or not, once you agree to be a ghostwriter, you will forever hold your peace.

13. Journalist/ News Reporter

Good news! You don’t have to be a mass communication degree holder to become a journalist. It will be an advantage to be a degree holder, but it is not a must. If you are into seeking newsworthy information and you are willing to be on call whenever and wherever there is news, then you can be a journalist.

14. Magazine Writer

Being a magazine writer is not exclusive to beauty products, fashion week, and celebrity gossip. You can delve into political, science, architectural, and home magazines to name a few.

15. Proposal Writer

If you are the kind of writer who has a hawk-eye precision for details, has perfect organizational skills, and will do everything to captivate your future clients, then this is for you. From the preparation of pricing, down to marketing, and up to the product design, you will be the one to prepare it as a proposal writer.

16. A Public Relations Specialist

You can be a force to reckon with as a public relations specialist if you combine Olivia Pope and Samantha Jones. You would need to be comfortable hobnobbing with the paparazzi, the editors, the bloggers, the celebrities, journalists, and politicians. You will write and control the direction of the public image of your client.

17. Resume Specialist

An exceptional cover letter and an impressive resume are the first steps to landing a coveted job. This is where you come in as a resume specialist. If you can wave your magic pen and transform “I changed lightbulbs” into sounding magical, you are definitely in.

18. Screenwriter

That episode of Friends where Phoebe shrieked, “My eyes! My eyes!” remains ingrained in the minds of Friends enthusiasts. You could be the next screenwriter who can write the next iconic four words.

19. Speechwriter

If you can write as passionately and as persuasively on policies and/or principles, even if you don’t agree with them, then you can make it here. You can be a speechwriter for key government officials and politicians, as well as for celebrities and business executives.

20. Technical Writer

As a technical writer, you will write easy-to-understand software manuals and other complicated documents for clients. You will have to maintain a good relationship with other professionals so you can extract from them the information you need to create the manuals and technical specifications.

21. Travel Writer

As a travel writer, you can travel for free while earning money. From DIY travel guides to magazine articles, you must describe the travel destination as enticingly as possible to entice people to join you on your adventure.

So fret not; your passion for writing will feed you and your loved ones.

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