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I am Vinil Ramdev. I’ve been conducting training programs on various topics since 2009. I’m motivated to help people lead better and more prosperous lives.

I started off as an entrepreneur in 2004, with an ecommerce business. I learned about internet marketing while I was in college and was smitten by the web bug.

My big ecommerce venture lasted for less than a year. I then started a retail (brick-and-mortar) business. We built about three stores and exited that business in about four years. That’s when I became a consultant and started conducting training programs. I learned almost everything from scratch.

I attended several train-the-trainer programs, followed a zillion Gurus, and after a lot of trial and error seem to find my way in this trade.

I see so many brilliant coaches and trainers struggle in this business. They are very good at their craft, but they struggle with the business side of things. The purpose of Trainer Hangout is to help trainers and coaches understand the business side of the profession.

Our mission is to help aspiring, beginning, and experienced trainers earn a full-time income from the training profession by becoming great trainers who benefit people.

Aspiring trainers can get into the profession learning from my experience rather than through trial and error.

All the articles on this site are curated to help you become a successful coach.

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