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Choosing an appropriate training niche can be the difference between success and failure in the coaching business. Here are the top training niches.

The training and coaching industry can be one of the most fulfilling and lucrative industries to build a fabulous career.  Choosing an appropriate niche can be the difference between success and failure in this business.

Amateurs try to be an expert on every topic, while professionals find a niche and strive to be the best at it.

Here are some of the top niches in the training industry.

1. Academic Coaching

Become a professional coach and help students understand various learning styles, habits of studying, barriers to academic success and train them to achieve academic goals effectively.

2. Acting/Drama Coaching

An acting/drama coach is a person who trains people in film, television, or theater, enabling them to improve their acting, and dramatic performances, preparing and guiding them for auditions and better roles.

3. Adoption Training

Potential adoptive parents are looking for an expert who can help them clarify their emotions before adopting a child. If you’re an expert at psychology, you can help people willing to adopt children make a wise decision and enjoy a stable and happy family life.

4. Anti-Aging Coaching

Become a personal trainer who works on people’s body, mind and emotions, rejuvenating them towards becoming the best versions of who they are.

5. Athletics Coaching

If you’ve been good at a sport all your life, and wish to pursue your passion for sports and athletics for as long as you can, athletic coaching is one of the best areas for you to choose. Instruct athletes, work with them and mentor them as they prepare for a competition.

6. Business Training

If you’ve been a great businessman, and want to share your expertise with the world, business training is for you. You can assist and guide business owners in growing their business, and achieving their desired business goals effectively.

7. Career Coaching

Become a personalized career coach, and help people achieve their career goals. As a career coach, you will guide people to choose a wise career, help them through job searches, resume building and prepare them for interviews.

8. Cat Owner Training

Do you like cats? You can train cat owners on how to take better care of their cats. You can also train people who want to pet cats and counsel them to become great cat owners.

9. Culinary Arts Training

Cooking is an art and people are always curious to learn a chef’s skill sets. If you happen to own some excellent cooking skills, why not share it with people who are eager to learn them. Culinary arts training is one of the most popular and well-paying areas of the training niche.

10. Couples Coaching

Relationship counseling or couples coaching is an equally valued profession. You can be a guide and coach to people who are facing any kind of problems in their relationship, and are looking for improving their communication and compassion in a relationship.

11. Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training is the process of teaching employees of an organization the knowledge, skills, and competencies to increase customer satisfaction. Large and small companies hire experienced people in the field of customer support to extend training to their employees.

12. Dog Owner Training

As I mentioned before about becoming a Cat Owner Trainer, you can also train people on how to take good care of their dogs.

13. Entrepreneur Coaching

If you’ve gained some valuable expertise in your journey as an entrepreneur, you can coach CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to carry out their business activities profitably, and teach them new skills to grow their business.

14. Etiquette Coaching

Etiquette coaching is a vast subject and people are constantly looking for improving their business, corporate, and public etiquette. Etiquette coaching includes workplace mannerisms, communication and interpersonal skills, and many other soft skills that make people better professionals.

15. Executive Coaching

Become an executive coach and help high placed executives achieve their organizational goals effectively, and help them develop their skills as a professional.

16. Family Coaching

A family coach is a person who helps people deeply understand the relationship between family members. A family coach trains people to develop healthy, trustworthy, and cordial family relations.

17. Fashion Training

People who are passionate about fashion, and have the desire to learn in detail about fashion are always eager to learn fashion in detail. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you can become a fashion trainer and teach people all about fashion, clothing, accessories, make up and much more.

18. Hairstyle/Nail Art Training

Hairstyle, nail art and make up coaching is a very popular field of training. As a coach, you will train amateur beauticians, and other interested people on hair styling techniques, nail art and offer beauty advice.

19. Health Coaching

Health coaching, or wellness coaching, as it is commonly known as, is another popular niche in the training industry. A health coach partners up with his clients and facilitates healthy living by changing their lifestyle and habits.

20. Hospitality Training

The hospitality industry is always in demand for young and talented professionals. Many colleges worldwide provide a degree or diploma in the hospitality industry. However, there’s also a need for experienced and professional trainers who can privately coach people on the subject.

21. Image Consulting

Image consultants help their clients improve their appearance and project the desired image to their intended audience. It is becoming a fast growing profession.

22. Journalism Training

Current and future journalists are constantly looking for people who can help them hone their journalism skills making them competent enough to write in all formats, and produce content in a multimedia world, with continuous technological developments. Journalism training is one field where people are always looking forward to learn more.

23. Language Training

One of the most common niches in the training business is language training. There’s always a demand for educated trainers who are well versed with different languages. This may include native languages of a place, or foreign languages. So, if you’re someone who’s an expert at a language, you can always pick language training as a career option, and start teaching people new languages.

24. Lawyer Coaching

Lawyer coaching, is also commonly known as Attorney Coaching. So, if you are an experienced lawyer wanting to bring about a positive change in your field, Lawyer Training is a great choice for you. It is one of the most popular ways to help professionals achieve success in advocacy.

25. Life Coaching

Becoming a ‘Life coach’ is one of the most attractive career options that many people find. Alternative Life Coaching is a profession where you can mentor, advise, and coach people on how to set and achieve personal and professional goals. Become a personal trainer for people’s life goals.

26. Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a training process in which a leader’s capability to achieve short and long term organizational goals is developed. It is usually a personalized, one-to- one kind of coaching with a specific aim in mind.

27. Marketing Coaching

Marketing is the soul of any organization. A marketing coach trains sales persons on how to get better at marketing, helps businesses develop their marketing plans and strategies and ensures that they implement it smoothly.

28. Men’s Empowerment Coaching

Men’s empowerment coaching is about empowering, encouraging, supporting and challenging men to achieve personal and professional goals. You can coach men on specific areas of improvement which will empower them to become better individuals.

29. Motivational Coaching

There are people who struggle to stay positive and achieve desired aims in their life. Become a motivational coach and train people to change their mindset, and transform them into optimistic people who can be successful.

30. Music Coaching

Music is probably one of the oldest and most popular areas in the training business. It includes training in singing, playing instruments and composing music. It is a very recognized and well-paying career option. So, if you’re someone who’s gifted with a talent in singing or are an expert at playing a musical instrument, why not consider training people.

31. Organizational Coaching

If you’re someone who’s an expert at organizing things in an orderly manner, and has always been organized, you can start organizational coaching. Organizational coaching aims at training people on how to be organized in life and develop a system to keep things orderly.

32. Parenting Training

Parental coaching is a process that helps you navigate through your parental challenges and overcome them. It also aims at helping parents resolve behavioral issues with their children, making them better at parenting.

33. Personal Development Training

Become a Personal Development Coach and train people to become better at relationships, business, finance, health and wellness. You can help them overcome obstacles in their personal growth and develop themselves.

34. Personal Finance Coaching

If you are someone with good knowledge of finances and financial management, become a financial advisor and make money out of personal finance coaching. People are always looking for expert advice before a big investment or an important financial decision. Be the coach who solves all finance related queries and trains people to manage finances cleverly.

35. Personal Shopping/Style Coaching

A personal shopping/style coach is a person who offers image consultancy services to his clients by helping them create a stylish, and appropriate look according to their personality and age. A personal shopping coach not only helps people buy appropriate clothes for their wardrobe but also helps them enhance their image and stand out.

36. Photography Training

Photography is an art, and is a rewarding career option for the ones who master the art. People who are passionate about photography, are always eager to learn the fine skills of photography from experts in the field. Photography training is one area in the training business that you can consider to make good business.

37. Real Estate Coaching

A real estate coach is someone who advises people on buying and selling residential properties. So, if you have a good knowledge of real estate, and wish to share it with interested people, you can become a real estate coach today.

38. Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is aimed at improving sales techniques and skills in sales people. If you’re someone who’s got great knack and experience in sales, you can start giving away sales training to people and help them become better at sales with your insights.

39. Singles Coaching

Singles coaching is a process where singles are trained on how to work on themselves and understand themselves better so that they can let go of the barriers and find an appropriate match.

40. Social Media Coaching

If you’re an expert at handling social media and know exactly how to promote a business or a person on social media, you can become a Social Media coach. A social media coach mainly trains people on what kind of content to put up on social media to attract and engage audience effectively to promote your business.

41. Soft Skills Training

Soft skills is a combination of interpersonal people skills, social skills and communication skills. As a soft skills trainer, you can train people on how to improve these soft skills and enhance their lives.

42. Stress Management Coaching

Every one of us goes through some sort of stress in our life. Some people are highly stressed and look for professionals who can help them manage stress and lead a smooth life. Become a stress management coach and help people get over daily stress.

43. Success Coaching

Success coaching is an interactive and collaborative learning process where a student learns everything from setting goals, taking measured steps towards the goals and achieving them successfully. If you’re someone who’s developed a personal success formula that works for you, why don’t you become a success coach and share it with the rest of the world.

44. Technology Training

This is for people who’ve been technical experts in a field, or are generally technologically updated. You can start training people on the latest technology, the most popular technology, and the most useful technology. Technology training is one of the most yielding niches in the training industry.

45. Time Management Training

Efficient time management is a skill everyone wishes to learn. It is a key to improve productivity, reduce stress and improve results. If you’re great at time management, and have mastered the skill, you can start training working, or non-working professionals on time management skills.

46. Weight Loss Training

People always want to be fit and in shape. And, they follow gym instructors and dieticians very religiously. Of all the training niches, weight loss training is a niche where you can not just give useful training to people to lose weight and become fit, but gain instant following, because that’s how popular the area is.

47. Writing Training

Writing is a skill that needs to be honed enough so that you can become a good writer. Good writing is a result of fine skills and continuous practice. If you are an expert at writing, you can start coaching budding writers to help them become more polished and better at their work.


There are hundreds of niches where you can train people. Choosing a niche is important becomes it positions you as a go-to person in that niche.

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