The Importance of Soft Skills on Your Success

People skills or soft skills are personal attributes that enable people to interact effectively. Here's how they impact your personal and professional life.

From the time we wake up, till the time we sleep, we’re surrounded by people. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, whether you like it or not, you have to interact with people. That’s when soft skills come into the picture. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable a person to interact effectively with others.

When I was at my first job, I worked under two different managers. As managers, both of them were equally talented, and owned the best process knowledge. However, there was something that set them apart. The team just loved working under the second manager, and showed great results. This never happened when we were under the former manager. Our team was actually one of the poorest performers then.

The problem with the first manager was not his technical expertise. He was an experienced professional. But he lacked something very essential; soft skills.

Remember that kid in your school who always got selected as the class representative? That colleague who always gave the best presentations? That party animal friend who is always surrounded by people? Why were these people so popular and liked by others? What was so special about them?

The way we communicate, our personal and professional relationships, the way we carry ourselves in formal and informal situations are all our soft skills.

How are Soft Skills Different from Hard Skills?

In a group of people, it is very easy to decide who’s the best at mathematics. A simple test will tell you that. However, it would be difficult to tell who’s the best at handling conflict. Everyone would react differently in a conflicting situation, and there are no strict measures to decide who came up with the best solution.

Hard skills are specific teachable skills that can be easily measured and compared. However, soft skills are intangible, personality based traits that are not so easy to quantify.

For overall growth and success, an individual ought to focus on developing both his hard and soft skills. The importance of soft skills cannot be undermined.

Why Soft Skills? Importance of Soft Skills

Professional Success

You might just be the right candidate for a great on-site opportunity, but you miss it because you lack the soft skills required to interact with clients. Professional success doesn’t solely depend on expertise and work experience.

Facing Interviews

Interviews are all about creating that first impression. You might have a degree from the best university and excellent academic scores on your resume, but if you cannot create a good first impression, you might just lose the job you deserved.

Interviewers nowadays do not just look at the academic background of a candidate. They observe body language, communication and other skills necessary for the role.

Personality Development

Soft skills is a range of abilities including ethics, self-confidence, communication, networking, creativity, etc.

Have you seen leaders taking soft skills training from experts? It is because they want to develop their personality and become an authority in their niche.

What is Soft Skills Training?

In a world of cut-throat competition, people are always looking for ways to get ahead. From school kids to college students, working professionals to housewives and entrepreneurs, everyone is realizing the need to have better soft skills.

There are literally hundreds of essential skills that can help you develop an envious personality, and are critical for career success. Click here to know the 16 must have soft skills for everyone.

We live in a world of constant competition, where success is not a choice; it is a need. And, soft skills are necessary for success. Unfortunately, the need for teaching and learning these skills are not given as much priority in formal education. Soft skills are not just good to have anymore. They’re a necessity. And the only way to develop them is by working on them, with the help of professional trainers and coaches.

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