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Do you want your articles to be published on Trainer Hangout?

Guest posting is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge, and become visible in our community of trainers, coaches, bloggers, and consultants. If you are not familiar with guest posting, check out Ryan Biddulph’s article on the benefits of guest posting.

We welcome guest posts on Trainer Hangout. However, not all guest posts are accepted by our editors.

Please read the guidelines below before submitting any guest posts.

#1 High Quality and Relevant

Make sure your guest post is of high quality and relevant to our blog.

Our target market is trainers, coaches, consultants, and bloggers. Your articles need to be relevant to this target market. If you look around our blog, you’ll get a fair idea of the topics we cover.

#2 Unique and Against the Grain

We are looking for stories that have NOT been covered anywhere else. In short,  we are looking for fresh ideas, fresh perspectives and new ways of presenting information to our audience.

#3 Write for the Web

Remember, you are writing for the web, so your guest post should include headings and sub-headings to make it easy for the reader who’s just surfing through the article. Make your paragraphs short and punchy.

#4 Exclusivity

Articles must be original pieces written exclusively for Trainer Hangout. The articles cannot be republished anywhere else including your personal blog. You may however, provide a link and a summary on your personal blog.

#5 Check for Grammar and Spellings

Your articles shouldn’t have any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. The language we seek is very conversational, simple and easy to understand.

#6 No Salesy Pansy!!

Avoid disguised sales letters.

The purpose of your guest post has to be to demonstrate your knowledge. A two line byline/bio will be provided at the bottom of the article for authors and they can place a link or email in the byline that could get them some leads from interested readers.

#7 Patience

Please be patient, sometimes articles can take a long time to get published because we get more articles than we can handle.

Please DO NOT contact us asking “when will the guest post be published,” or “did you get my article” until 15 days have elapsed.

It can take up to 2 weeks for a guest post to be reviewed by our editors. We are lazy Eskimos!

#8 Make an effort to be a part of our community

We consider Trainer Hangout to be a community of trainers, coaches, bloggers and consultants. We expect our guest posters to be actively involved in this community.

Subscribe to our newsletters, read our articles, comment on our blog posts, and just be an active member of the community; that’s great for growing your brand and business too.

#9 Communicate effectively

Don’t just send us an email saying, “I am ready to guest post” or “Do you accept guest posts as of now.” Instead, send us an email introducing yourself, then give us about 3 topic ideas with an headline and an outline for each topic. Once we approve your topic, you may send us your complete article.

Just because we approve the topic does NOT mean your guest post will be published. You still need to write an effective article and the article needs to be approved by our editors. We cannot guarantee that all approved topics will be published.

#10 No Affiliate Links

You may have any number of links in your article either to a blog or a blog post, but no affiliate links. Every link in the article should add value to the article, and benefit the reader. No spammy links please!

Editors may remove, or add links of their own. Links in the article are completely the prerogative of the Editor. At the same time, we’ll try to keep as many of your links as possible. But no promises here.

#11 Our Currency is Traffic

Guest posts/columns are unpaid.

#12 Share and Care…

Although this is not a requirement, it would be great if you could spread the word on your social networks and email lists.

#13 Nothing Personal

If we don’t publish your article, don’t take it personally. We are only human. We make mistakes. We’ve turned down several great articles.

#14 All set and ready to publish?

Email vinil@zaang.org, we look forward to reading your guest posts.

Until then…. Hasta La Vista 🙂

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