6 Essential WordPress Security Tips

Internet security

Open Source. Literally Free. Tons of premium themes. Multiple industry-specific templates. User-friendly. Above, one-fourth the Internet is made up of it. Endless is the merit list of WordPress as a Content Management System. But, despite all these benefits,…

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How to Score A Guest Post on Authority Blogs

How to score a guest post

A lot of successful bloggers have built their entire business just from guest blogging. Guest posting is nothing but writing an article on other people’s blogs. The advantage with a guest post is that you are exposed to…

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The #1 Strategy to Increase Blog Traffic

Blog traffic

The most significant challenge for a blogger, trainer, coach or author is generating traffic to their blog. I recently wrote an article on “how I generated traffic to my blog.” But this time, I asked my fellow bloggers…

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My Biggest Blogging Mistake

Biggest Blogging Mistake

I came across blogging way back in 2009. Like any new toy, it was all fun and games initially. I started various blogs, tried membership sites, wrote a lot of content, published a few ebooks, and I was…

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How I got 3143 Page Views in My First Month of starting this blog?

Pageviews Trainer Hangout

Is it possible to get over 3000 page views in your first month of blogging? That too without an advertising budget? I know people who have got 20,000 page views in their first month, but that’s more an…

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How to become a self-published author?

self publishing

I believe everyone should write a book. It’s like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean and seeing where it takes you. In the past, many of us needed a publishing house to…

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Write Blog Posts Even Harry Potter’s Mum Would Read

How to write a brilliant blog post

Back in 2009, I sold my retail business, and I decided to become a consultant. Then, I realized that no one was buying my services. I wasn’t sure why? Then I came across a four-letter word called blog….

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How to Make $4000 a Month Recurring Income by Being A ClickFunnels Affiliate

Make money by being a ClickFunnels Affiliate

ClickFunnels is one of the most generous paying affiliate programs in the world. A lot of internet marketers claim to make more than $4000 a month by being a ClickFunnels affiliate. Their affiliate program pays 40% recurring commission…

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Target Audience. Why is it important, and how to choose one?

target audience

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is not having a target audience. A trainer friend of mine chose to target everyone from students to senior executives for her workshop. It was a terrible mistake. You either choose…

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Do-It-Yourself: How to set-up your blog

set up blog

A lot of people who are not tech savvy find it very intimidating to handle the technical part of starting a blog. It doesn’t have to be that way. All you need to do is follow the process…

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