A System Based on Generosity Leads to More Referrals. Michael J. Maher Interview

The most referred, referrals for life

Michael J. Maher designed a system based on a philosophy of generosity. People who have followed his system have found that a business based on generosity leads to reciprocity in the form of referrals and goodwill far beyond…

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Helping Small Business Profitability. Ruth King Interview

small business profitable

Ruth King calls herself an author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. She’s owned and operated over seven businesses in the past 25 years, where she coaches and trains small business owners to become and stay profitable. We could call her…

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Most Sales Are Lost Due To Poor Service Than A Poor Product. Nancy Friedman Interview

coach nancy friedman

Nancy Friedman is one of the top customer service and employee relations experts in the North America. She believes that most sales are lost due to poor service rather than a mediocre product. So it makes a lot…

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Starting Over Again at 42. Here is Michael Kimelman’s story

Starting all over again at age 42. Michael Kimelman

Michael Kimelman’s life turned upside down when an FBI swat team arrested him in 2009, eventually convicting him to 30 months in prison. At the age of 42, he walked out of prison with nothing but the clothes…

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Give Yourself Grace Daily. An Interview with Marketing Strategist Amanda McKinney

Independent Marketing Strategist

Amanda McKinney is an independent marketing strategist who works with women business owners in the health and wellness industry. Before launching AM: Marketing, Amanda worked at various international corporations after receiving her Masters in Marketing Communications from the…

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Being A Franchise Consultant. An Interview with Meg Schmitz

Meg Schmitz franchise consultant

Being a franchise consultant can be both lucrative and rewarding. It’s a profession where you earn a living by helping people buy a suitable franchise where they can live the life of their dreams. Meg Schmitz has been…

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From Broke to Over 50 Companies, JT Foxx’s Story

JT foxx wealth coach

JT Foxx is widely introduced as the #1 wealth coach in the world. He strongly believes in coaching, and explains in his biography how coaching took him from being broke to building over 50 companies. His website features…

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Jeanne Martinson coaches Authors on How to Write a Nonfiction Book

how to write a book

Relationships are everything. People are trusting you with their inner lives and dreams. Be authentic, or you won’t last long. Jeanne Martinson is a diversity strategist, professional speaker, trainer and best-selling author who has worked throughout Canada and…

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Darnyelle uses Speaking Engagements as a Lead Generation Tool. Her Story

Darnyelle A. Jervey, a business growth strategist, helps entrepreneurs experience financial and spiritual abundance in their lives. She boldly declares herself as a Belief Barrier Breaker ® and describes her life in acts. Act One – Overcoming the…

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Cheryl’s 20+ Year Journey in Executive Coaching

Executive coaching

My marketing strategy is based on empirical research I have done over the years.  I am clear about my ideal client and how I can help them. Cheryl Procter-Rogers, an executive coach who assists busy C-Suite executives, high…

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