Target Audience. Why is it important, and how to choose one?

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is not having a target audience. A lot of trainers target a broad audience, or even worse they go after everyone.

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is not having a target audience.

A trainer friend of mine chose to target everyone from students to senior executives for her workshop. It was a terrible mistake.

You either choose students, or senior executives; not both. There needs to be some level of homogeneity. This is even more important in an in-person event.

While choosing an audience, it is important to find an emotional connect. One of the groups that I target are business owners. The reason for that is because I’ve been a business owner most of my life, and I can be empathetic to their situation.

I also like to help people who want to become bloggers and make money from blogging because I’ve been doing it for many years.

While choosing an audience, find a group that you can connect with.

What are the other things that I look for in a target audience?

  1. Do they have the money? Are they willing to pay for my services?
  2. Are they already buying similar services? It’s easier to sell a sandwich to someone who’s already buying sandwiches rather than introduce and educate them about something new.
  3. Do I have some sort of unfair advantage over my competition? It could be access to an audience, or some special skill that only me and my organization has.

Remember, these are only guidelines. You can be a little bit innovative and break the rules now and then, but initially it’s important to learn the rules of the game.


Knowing your target audience, their deepest desires, problems, and finding solutions is going to separate you from the rest of the pack. Coaching is a fun business, and impacting people’s lives can be very rewarding.

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About the Author: Vinil Ramdev

Vinil is an entrepreneur, trainer, marketer, and a passionate blogger.


  1. This is awesome information for any blogger. It is so important to focus on just having one target audience and giving them the best product you can. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. These are great points to consider in choosing a target audience or market. Demographics is just one part and a lot to consider and when you’re able to funnel them in with the use of some method. You’ll probably get some of their attention.

  3. How do I know which is my target audience? My blog is not growing that well and I’m looking forward to any help out there

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