The Fundamental Concepts of Ready-Made Online Training Courses

Over the past years, companies have explored ways to handle training programs better and create more helpful training courses. Different times have called for different adjustments. The current pandemic situation, in particular, has led trainers to go beyond the traditional training sessions as a response to the call for continuous learning despite these uncertain times.

Consequently, one alternative is done by the trainers to maintain and enhance the skills of the employees despite the current situation, which is to let the employees attend ready-made online training courses. Aside from training employees on the specific skills they should possess, this also teaches them to acquire self-management skills as they need to complete the training without much supervision from the trainers. 

In this article, you will be guided on the fundamental concepts of ready-made online training courses and the benefits of using them. 

What Are Ready-Made Online Training Courses?

Ready-made online training courses are like cooking ready-to-cook meals for breakfast. With the different constraints that are present in the workplace, ready-made online training courses are the types of learning courses that employees take primarily online. This type of learning course provides a convenient way for trainers to effectively facilitate learning sessions and takeaways of the employees. 

Facilitating an actual training session for employees is time-consuming because you still think of some energizers and learning activities to add if in case the employees need more time to absorb the things you have imparted.

Ready-made online training courses often include pre-recorded videos, ready-made learning materials that employees can access, and well-posed learning activities and questions that you administer to the employees for the facilitation of learning. Online training courses posted made available through learning management systems make learning and progress monitoring easier and better in terms of time and costs.

Let’s check the other benefits of using read-made online training courses.

Benefits of Ready-Made Online Training Courses

If you are looking for the best use of your time as a trainer, you can count on ready-made online training courses. These training courses are usually included in your LMS content library

Most learning management systems use industry-standard materials and resources to ensure that the learning materials would be top-notch in quality. Here are some of the benefits found in making use of ready-made online training courses.

Reduced Training Costs

Having a face-to-face type of training increases costs in terms of the print materials and resource speakers you will have in the conduct of the training. Making use of ready-made online training courses reduce these kinds of costs as this paves the way for trainers to make use of non-print materials and make use of pre-recorded or sourced videos to supply learning among employees. 

Not only does it provide efficiency of the raw materials, but this also reduces the cost in the sense that you can also purchase affordable online training courses that do not need to hire so many people to make your training program successful.

In making sure that you effectively make use of online training courses to reduce costs, make sure to do these things:

  • Diagnose the needs of the employees and use it as a foundation to craft a ready-made online training course;
  • Consult an expert that can create an intervention to address the needs of the employees, and;
  • Find a training course that possibly addresses all the concerns among your employees, or you can find a bundle program that addresses their concerns. 

Increased Training Resources

Resources initiating different interventions that can address several concerns of the employees are already displayed in different search engines and platforms. In the Information Age, a simple click and type can show numerous things that solve the problems that are present among the business company. Several experts and innovators on the Internet show interventions that address the problem you want to use as a starting point in your online training course you are going to facilitate.

In using resources conducting online training courses, make sure to be aware of these RARE factors to effectively address your concerns:

  • Relevance: Does it fit my learning objectives towards the employees? Is it timely?
  • Accuracy: Are the learning packs shown in the ready-made online course aim to target my learning objects?
  • Reliability: After conducting this type of ready-made online training course, will it get the same results to the next batch of attending this online training course, and;
  • Equity: Will this type of online training course contribute to the harmonization, growth, and profitability of the business company without compromising the unity and teamwork of the employees?

Additional Perspective from Other Experts

No man is an island. With the aid of the Internet, online training courses provide a wide array of information that will help elevate the quality of the training experience of your participants. Using ready-made online training courses can provide you access to information that can be supplemental to your own data repository. Most often, these are based on the perspective of other experts.

Blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, and video presentations are some of the things you can use to add support in the conduct of online training. Typically, purchasing a bundle package of ready-made online training courses add videos that come from their respective company that helps train your employees to contribute to the goals and objectives you have set in your training plan.

Seeking additional perspective from other experts helps strengthen the foundation you have set for your employees.

As mentioned earlier, these materials are generally based on the common best practices of the different industries.

More Engaging Content Choices

Ready-made online training courses offer more engaging content choices since most of these courses have gone through benchmarking and repetitive studies to ensure efficacy.

Different aspects addressing different types of potentials had to be explored to ensure that the courses suit the trainees’ individual needs, whether for new hire training or management training. Also, these training courses are integrated with gamification techniques or interactive elements that make them more engaging.

Most of them are products of content libraries that come with learning management systems so they are guaranteed to be research-based. 

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