Online Learning Platforms Trainers Can Leverage

The global shift to remote work gives more emphasis on the urgency of innovating employee management

In order for businesses to continually manage employees, collaborate with ease, and keep them up-to-date with the latest information and advancements, companies adopt online systems, and devise strategies apt for the current circumstances.

One of the biggest innovations there is in relation to managing employees is the use of online learning for employee training. In a survey by the ILX Group, 51% of HR decision-makers claim that online learning can boost employee morale, satisfaction, and longevity. Almost 72% of organizations also claim that online learning helps enhance their competitive edge.

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning, also known as e-learning, essentially refers to the use of digital resources in the delivery of learning and training.

An IBM research study found that every dollar invested in e-learning results in $30 in productivity since online learning saves a lot of time. In fact, another study by Brandon Hall shows that online learning requires 40 to 60% less employee time than classroom training.

Not only is online learning more cost-efficient, but it is also practical that in the sense that employees are able to retain information better. Learning retention rates improve from 8% to 10% for face-to-face training to 25% to 60% for e-learning (Research Institute of America).

These data only validate online learning as a viable alternative for other types of learning and training delivery that require face-to-face interaction or other forms of physical participation.

Top Online Learning Platforms 

The efficacy of online learning, however, is contingent on the company’s choice of learning platforms. You want to find the right platform to use for training on the following aspects of your business:

  • HR (onboarding, etc.)
  • product orientation
  • technology
  • compliance
  • supervision
  • career development

As a trainer, you must be well-versed with the most suitable online learning platforms since you will most likely be the one to create your training courses. You will also have to lead your company in automating training processes, saving on training costs, and increasing overall work quality and productivity which are the primary aims of modernizing employee training via online learning.

There are plenty of choices for online learning platforms out there but check out five of them below.

1. Coursera

Coursera is known worldwide as an online learning platform that offers high-quality online training courses. Most of the courses found on Coursera are categorized as:

  • individual courses
  • specialize courses
  • degree programs

What makes Coursera a top choice among online learning platforms is that it offers different learning options and activities, and provides educational tools and instructor interactions. Upon completion of a course, the employee will receive a certificate and earn degrees. 

However, this platform is only good for those who are working under educational institutions.

2. Udemy

Udemy is both a course creation platform and marketplace. 

Apart from the fact that you can sign up for free, the platform comes with many features essential for delivering courses, conducting tests, monitoring data, and generating reports. 

In particular, Udemy:

  • showcases user-friendly interface
  • provides comprehensive course creation lessons
  • comes with analytics and reporting feature
  • enables multiple course creation
  • provides a certificate of completion to trainees or enrollees

This platform is very popular among those in the tech industry as it comes with a wide array of choices for courses on tech. However, there are Udemy account users who frown upon some disadvantages in using the platform. There is no chat support and there are mobile app limitations for instructors or trainers. Even the reporting and analytics functionalities are limited.

Nevertheless, it is still a platform worth exploring.

3. Skillshare

If you are looking for a clean-looking design for an online learning platform, you should check out Skillshare. They provide support via online ticket submissions to help you out anytime.

Companies can go for the team plans being offered by the platform which is really a good deal. However, there is not much room for engagement among trainees or students because Skillshare limits it to one page only. 

This may be a no-no to those companies looking to use a platform and wants to encourage participation among employees.

4. ProProfs Training Maker

Are you looking for an enterprise solution instead?

ProProfs Training Maker is an online learning platform that caters to enterprises. Their plans and pricing are based on the number of training attendees or participants. But if you want to test it out before investing for good, you can opt for the free plan first.

There are over 30+ customizable courses that you can easily tailor as a trainer to your brand or the company’s. And as an enterprise solution, it is only expected to find on this platform the following amazing features:

  • online classroom and learner dashboard
  • content library
  • forums and learner communities
  • feedback and survey 
  • cloud storage
  • course bundles and learning paths
  • custom license, enterprise security, and ownership

Their customer support is also available via email, phone, and live chat so you may contact them with ease for any questions or assistance.

5. TalentLMS

Another enterprise solution, TalentLMS is a powerful online learning platform that comes with incredibly good features and functionalities. 

Among these features and functionalities are the following:

  • Home page builder
  • Assessment engine
  • Survey engine
  • Files repository
  • Learning paths
  • Video conference support
  • Gamification
  • User types
  • Single Sign-On
  • 200+ integrations

TalentLMS is content-friendly and customizable. Although there is a limit of up to 1000 learners, its features are really difficult to say no to especially if you are looking to level up the learning experience of your trainees.

Why Invest In An Online Learning Platform Now

IBM saved approximately $200 million after switching to online learning. For US organizations, there is an increase in income for 42% due to online learning. The projections also look great for the e-learning market which is predicted to be worth $325 billion in 2025

The sooner your company invests in a reliable online learning platform, the better. How you design and deliver your employee training programs speaks a lot about your values as a company.

It is always best to be a company known for valuing employees and their potential by providing innovative and comprehensive training programs and professional development opportunities.

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