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Hi there,

Are you a coach, trainer, or a consultant? Or are you looking to get into the training business?

Are you looking to attract new clients and build a successful career by helping people achieve their dreams?

Attended a Train-the-Trainer course, but not sure how to attract clients?

Not sure how to price your services? Still figuring out the various passive and active revenue streams in this business?

I am Vinil Ramdev.

I’ve been conducting training programs in various topics since 2009. I’m motivated to help people achieve financial success in the training and coaching business.

I started off as an entrepreneur in 2004, with an ecommerce business. I learned about internet marketing while I was in college and was smitten by the web bug.

My big ecommerce venture lasted for less than a year. I then started a retail (brick-and-mortar) business. We built about three stores, and exited that business in about four years. That’s when I became a consultant and started conducting training programs. I learned almost everything from scratch.

I attended several train-the-trainer programs, followed a zillion Gurus, and after a lot of trial and error seem to find my way in this trade.

I see so many brilliant coaches and trainers struggle in this business. They are very good at their craft, but they struggle with the business side of things. The purpose of ​this blog is to help trainers and coaches understand the business side of the profession.

Even aspiring trainers can get into the profession learning from experienced trainers and coaches rather than through trial and error.

Our ​blog helps aspiring, new, and even experienced trainers and coaches understand the business and marketing side of the coaching and training business.

​Find below, some articles ​​to get you started:


More articles on the following topics coming soon.

​Financials - how to manage your money, keep track of accounts, and stay on top of your finances.

Marketing - We'll cover branding, acquiring leads, building a tribe, connecting with them, social media, SEO, Email marketing, online publicity, attracting visitors to your website and blog, and much more...

Pricing - It's easy to under-price ourselves and lose money, or over-price and lose clients. We'll show you how to optimize your pricing so you remain competitive and still make a profit.

Sales - It's not enough if you are a good coach, you must learn to sell. Learn to sell, teach your team to sell, and become a rainmaker in selling.

Business Networking - Become a master at networking, getting referrals, and meeting the right people to collaborate.

Showmanship and personality - Learn to build a magnetic personality, and attract people into your conferences and seminars.

Business Model - Identify passive and active revenue streams, and a business model that works for you.

Find your niche, and stand out from other trainers and coaches who look just like you - The world is filled with copycats. Learn to differentiate yourself from people who look just like you.

​To your success,

​About the Trainer

Vinil ramdev

​Vinil Ramdev has been a business coach and trainer since 2009. ​

Vinil ​was born in Bangalore, India, attended college at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, USA where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marketing in 2004. Since then, Vinil has been involved in starting and growing several businesses predominantly in retail, marketing, media, advertising and on the internet. ​

Vinil was the Managing Editor of a nationally circulated print magazine in India. He participated in NDTV’s hot debate “SMEs Orphans of India,” which was broadcast on NDTV Profit’s Money Mantra on 8th August 2012.

He has been a guest speaker at various conferences like Franchise India Expo – the largest retail and franchise expo in India, Main Street Matters: Art of the Smart Start – a radio show on blogtalkradio, has been featured on Deccan Chronicle, Huffington Post, and has been a columnist entrepreneur magazine.

You can follow him on Twitter @vinilram​​​​​dev or Facebook @vinilr

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